• Rapid 13/6, 13/8, 13/10 Tacker Staples

    Rapid No.13 Fine Wire Tacker Staples
    Fine wire staple:
    Because they are made of fine wire, these staples are not so visible.
    Ideal for working in textiles, the fine wire has a minimal effect on the textile fibres. The holes left after removing these staples when masking off can be painted over without being covered with filler.

    Suitable for:
    Rapid Tacker No. 13
    Rapid Tacker No. 23
    Rapid Tacker No. 33


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    Rapid 26/6 General Desk Staples

    Rapid 26/6 General Desk Staples

    Rapid 26/6 are used in most of Rapid's desktop staplers. In boxes of 5000. Use in: Rapid E26 Marbig 90120 Rapid Cobra Ice please go to to check compatibility if you are unsure.