To order products from our site:

Browse the catalogue
– Browse through the categories to the left by clicking on the links.
– Click on subcategories buttons to view products listing.
– View products details by clicking on their title or image.

Choose a product
– You must select an option for the product even if only one is available.
– Enter a quantity in the ‘Quantity’ box.
– Click on the ‘Add to Order’ button.

Repeat for each of the products you wish to order. Every time an item is added to your order, the shopping cart will update to reflect the new amount of products at the top of the page.

Reviewing and modifying your order

Review your order anytime by hovering over the shopping icon on the top-right. You can also click the ‘View Cart’ button inside the cart to get a better look at your current order!

Remove an Item
Remove an item by hovering over the cart and pressing the X icon next to the item. Otherwise, you can view your current cart, set the items quantity to 0 and then press “Update Cart”.

Change the Quantity
Change the quantity of an item on order by going to the ”View Cart” page, enter a new quantity in the text box under the ‘Qty.’ column heading within the row of the item you wish to edit. Click on the ‘Update Cart’ button to confirm the new quantity.

Finalising your order

To finalize your order you must be logged in, else you will be asked to create a user account. Click on ‘Checkout’ in the ‘Your Order’ panel or on the ‘Shopping Cart’ page. Follow the steps below:

– Create an account if you do not have one already.
– Verify your email address and edit it if necessary.
– Enter your contact details under ‘Billing Informations’ or select previously saved details.
– Select the checkbox ‘My delivery information is the same as my billing information’ or enter your delivery details under ‘Delivery Information’.
– Review the order total including GST (excluding freight). Click on ‘Cancel’ to edit your order.
– Click on ‘Review order’ to review you order.
– Click on the ‘Submit order’ to place you order or ‘Back’ to edit your details and retrace the steps above.

To change your details login to the site by clicking on the Login link top-right of the page.

Click on My account on the top-right of the header, then click on the Edit tab and follow the instructions.

Please see our Shipping Page for details on freight charges. We will always contact you about freight and do not have the power to charge your account without direct permission, so you do not need to worry about being charged without your knowledge.

If we are out of stock on an item that you have purchased, we will order new stock and contact you with an estimate for when this product will be available. If the ETA is too long, you may have the option to be refunded and have the rest of your order be sent separately if applicable.

Once your order is dispatched you should receive a text or email confirmation from the courier service who has collected your order. If your order has not been updated in 7 business days, feel free to email us and we’ll check on your order.

When adding a product to the cart, make sure to select an option for that product, even if only one is available. Ensure that you have not mistyped the quantity or entered a 0.

You can use our Contact Us page to send us any issues or enquiries! We are staffed Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. Our retail store does not handle online enquiries.