Glue Sticks

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    Bostik Glue Stick

    Bostik Glue Stick

    Bostik Glue Stick

    Bostik Glu Stik is an acid free smooth stick glue that dries clear, will not wrinkle, convenient and mess free.

    Designed to bond paper, cardboard and fabrics.

    Acid free therefore non-corrosive and non-yellowing.

    Ideal for sticking paper together, sticks photos in albums, art and craft applications.

  • UHU Glue Stick

    UHU Glue Stick

    - sets fast, dries clear and is colourless.

    - It is water soluble, handy and accurate.

    - Sticks paper, card and photos in one neat, accurate application.

     - can be used on artwork, photo albums, labeling, school projects and is great for collages.

    - Ideal for home, office and school use.