Hanging Systems

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    Artiteq Info Rail

    Artiteq Info Rail

    Info Rail is the ideal display system for displaying artwork, cards, posters, drawings and photos on the wall. Quickly change out and arrange your artwork or documents as desired, with no messy adhesives or tacks, and no more damaged walls. The 3-fold gripping system ensures a firm suspension for paper > 80gms to cardboard up to 2 mm. Info Rail is popular in classrooms, corridors and libraries and is also handy for displaying or sharing information at the office and home. Easy to install with the Artiteq 'Click & Connect' system. Each pack includes all the necessary 'Click & Connect' wall fasteners and end caps.
  • Gallery System used by Real Estate Agents

    Commonly used by real estate agents, this versatile system uses tensioned stainless steel cables to support clear acrylic holders.

    Suitable to hold printed material or photos.

    Displays can be double sided.

    The Gallery Display System also gives a sophisticated architectural look to the kind of wall displays often used in banks, hair salons, travel agencies etc. 

    We suggest you tell us how many acrylics portrait or landscape you want to group together and let us do the maths! We can send you a quote that tells you all your items required. Basically they slide up and down the wires by the top push buttons.


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    Hold-Ups Hanging System

    Hold-Ups Hanging System

    Hold-Ups™ is the original glass ball paper holder developed and manufactured by Creative Aussie since 1987.

    Hold-Ups is a high quality paper holding system that has been designed to hold paper firmly in position, even under the most demanding conditions.

    The Hold-Ups has long been regarded as Australia's best paper holder and is found in many of the world's best restaurants, schools, universities and businesses.

    Use them for plans, photos, memos, notices, x-rays, maps, displays, and food and drink dockets.

    Paper capacity from one page to card 3mm thick can be held in Hold-Ups.

    White in colour, powder coated, screw in or use tape for lighter applications.

    They are available in silver for an extra cost of $2.00 per metre.

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    Magnart Display System


    Magnart Display System

    Hang paper. light textiles silk, batik, scarves etc easily onto your walls How Do They Work? Simple - stick the small adhesive metal disc to your wall, put your artwork paper overtop, put small magnet onto paper over disc. Strong magnet holds paper in place. You can put coloured covers over magnets or leave silver. Very neat, very sophisticated, as seen in galleries. Magnart is an innovative magnetic hanger display system that eliminates the need for nails, pins, tape or blu-tac.
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    Picture Hanging Wire-Clips-Screws

    Picture Hanging Wire-Clips-Screws

    Good quality strong plastic coated wire for hanging pictures, holds up to 20kg. Available per metre or per roll. D ring clips are large and small, with screws large and small to fit. Use the larger D ring clips for heavy pictures. Use power drill for easy installation. please note we are only prepared to roll off up to 30m beyond this you must order a roll.
  • Slimline Art Hanging System

    We recommend the stronger' Gallery System' for schools and art galleries 'Slimline' is for home or office and cannot take the same weight The Slimline art hanging system is a new range designed for home and office use. (Please note as it is designed to sit against the cornice the lighting system cannot be used. If you wish to have the lighting system please go to the original gallery system.) The Slimline art hanging system is a very unobtrusive system based on a very slim track which is designed to butt up against your ceiling or cornice where it is less noticeable. The system is made up of four main components: 1- Track
  • The Gallery Lighting System

    A lighting system that really brings art to life. Low voltage light wands lock onto the same track that hangs your art. A flat power cable fitted into the top section of the track carries 12 volt current along the track from a transformer.


    The light wands simply lock onto the track at any point and light up so it’s really easy to move the light wands when you move your art.  

  • The Gallery System

    The Gallery System is a strong, flexible picture hanging system which adapts quickly to changing needs. It is an ideal system for galleries, museums, universities, offices and homes. Hanging art can be a time consuming business. One of the system's great advantages is its speed of use. For more information and pictures please visit their website www.thegallerysystem.com.

  • Traditional Picture Rail System

    Do you have the old style picture rails in your home?


    These cables and hooks can fit perfectly and quickly onto your picture rails and hang your pictures by their exisitng cords.

    No more mucking around putting extra wire onto your frames. Use the standard classic hooks or push button hooks.