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    Micador Duo Calligraphy Markers

    Micador Duo Calligraphy Markers

    Duo Calligraphy Markers have two tips on one marker!
    One tip is 2mm and the other is 3.5mm.
    Both tips feed from same ink reservoir for consistent colour.
    Sturdy tips.
    Non-toxic, washable ink.
    Ventilated safety caps.
    Ideal for students and professional calligraphy artists.

    Acid free.

  • Staedtler Double-Ended Calligraphy Pens

    Transparent box containing 12 or 24 double-ended calligraphy pens in assorted colours
    One pen - two tips for narrow and broad strokes For expressive writing and decorative designs Line widths approx. 3.5 mm and approx. 2.0 mm