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    Langridge Castor wax 500gm

    Langridge Castor wax 500gm


    Hydrogenated castor oil (Castor Wax) is a non-yellowing hard wax.
    Used as a rheology modifier for oil paints and mediums; may be added to other waxes to increase hardness and durability.

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    Langridge Damar Resin Lumps 500gm

    Langridge Damar Resin Lumps 500gm

    Sumatran A1 grade. Very clean and bright. For the manufacture of Damar Varnish. Mix 1 part Damar Resin with 4 parts Distilled Turpentine. Constituent in oil painting and egg tempera mediums. Add to mediums to create optical depth and transparency. Use as a traditional picture varnish for oil painting. Easily removed but slight tendency toward yellowing with age. Langridge Damar Resin Lumps 500gm.
  • Langridge Ethyl Cellulose (Powder)

    Hydroxy-ethlcellulose. Mix with distilled water and preservative to make soft gel solution that may be used as an excellent pH neutral adhesive for chine-colle and other paper applications. Binder for the home manufacture of soft pastels made to individual colours and specifications.
  • Langridge Refined Beeswax Beads

    To Make your own encaustic wax mix 9 parts Langridge Refined Beeswax to 1 part Langridge Castor Wax. 

    Pure white, very clean.

    Melt point of 66 degrees Celcius.

    Langridge recommends the use of a double boiler for melting of waxes.

    When added to oil mediums it will impart body and a ‘shortness’ to the brushstroke.

    Can also be added to oils, oil mediums and varnishes as a matting agent.

    Binder in true encaustic, whereby melted wax is coloured with artists’ pigments and applied to a solid support whilst molten.