Jacquard Marbling Additives




Jacquard Alum

Use for pre-treating fabric before marbling so that designs transfer well. Dissolve 1 cup of alum in one gallon of water and add 4 teaspoons of calgon. Immerse fabric in solution until wet, wring out, do not rinse, and air dry. Fabric will be ready to marble when dry.


Jacquard Methocel

Less expensive alternative for carrageenan for marbling. Stir approximately 1oz of methocel into 1 gallon of water at room temperature. Stir in 1 teaspoon of clear household ammonia, let stand 15 – 20 mins, stir again, then use. Seaweed derivative and for use with synthetics and for line definition.


Jacquard Carrageenan

Carrageenan is a natural seaweed gelling agent that provides a viscous surface for marbling on fabric and paper.


Jacquard Calgon

A water softner that neutralizes metallic ions in tap water allowing for a deeper more even dying and can be used for marbling.


Jacquard Marbling Kit

Jacquard Marbling Kit has easy to follow instructions and can be used on fabric and paper. Presented in an attractive box and economically priced. More economical than other brands.
Kit Includes:
– 6 Marbling Colours 0.5 fl oz/ 14.79ml (Yellow, Red, Violet, Blue, White & Black)
– 0.5 fl oz/ 14.79ml Synthetic Gall
– 4 oz/113.40gm Alum
– 1 oz/ 28.35gm Carrageenan
– Instructions.

Synthetic Gall

Adding Gall to Jacquard Marbling Colours increases how much a colour will spread on the marbling size. Add it to the paint to make one colour dominate over the others or to increase the coverage on the marbling surface. Gall can add a whole other dimension to marbling and gives you much more control over the behaviour of the paints. Jacquard’s Synthetic Gall may also be used with other acrylic paints for marbling or increasing flow.

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Jacquard Alum 454gm / 1lb bag, Jacquard Calgon 453.6gm / 1lb bag, Jacquard Carageenan 228gm / 8 oz bag, Jacquard Marbling Kit, Jacquard Methocel 228gm / 8oz bag, Jacquard Synthetic Gall 59ml