Copic Markers Refill Ink 12ml


Copic alcohol inks offer the largest range of alcohol ink with 358 colours available! The specially designed bottle comes with an extra long easy to use nozzle perfect for refilling your markers and for alcohol ink art.

12ml ink refill. For instructions, see below.



Copic alcohol inks offer the largest range of alcohol ink with 358 colours available! The specially designed bottle comes with an extra long easy to use nozzle perfect for refilling your markers and for alcohol ink art.

12ml ink refill.

Refilling capacity:

  • Ciao marker – approximately 9 times
  • Sketch marker – approximately 7 times
  • Classic marker – approximately 5 times
  • Wide marker – approximately 3 times

How to refill a marker:

  1. Un cap both ends of the marker
  2. Carefully remove the chisel nib using tweezers.
  3. Insert Copic Ink nozzle into the core of the marker and begin refilling the ink by gently squeezing the bottle.
  4. Once completed insert the chisel nib back into place and recap.

Additional information

Select Colour Refill

C-0 Cool Gray No.0 12ml, C-00 Cool Gray No.00 12ml, C-1 Cool Gray No.1 12ml, C-10 Cool Gray No.10 12ml, C-2 Cool Gray No.2 12ml, C-3 Cool Gray No.3 12ml, C-4 Cool Gray No.4 12ml, C-5 Cool Gray No.5 12ml, C-6 Cool Gray No.6 12ml, C-7 Cool Gray No.7 12ml, C-8 Cool Gray No.8 12ml, C-9 Cool Gray No.9 12ml, N-0 Neutral Gray No.0 12ml, N-1 Neutral Gray No.1 12ml, N-10 Neutral Gray No.10 12ml, N-2 Neutral Gray No.2 12ml, N-3 Neutral Gray No.3 12ml, N-4 Neutral Gray No.4 12ml, N-5 Neutral Gray No.5 12ml, N-6 Neutral Gray No.6 12ml, N-7 Neutral Gray No.7 12ml, N-8 Neutral Gray No.8 12ml, N-9 Neutral Gray No.9 12ml, RV25 Dog Rose Flower 12ml, T-0 Toner Gray No.0 12ml, T-1 Toner Gray No.1 12ml, T-10 Toner Gray No.10 12ml, T-2 Toner Gray No.2 12ml, T-3 Toner Gray No.3 12ml, T-4 Toner Gray No.4 12ml, T-5 Toner Gray No.5 12ml, T-6 Toner Gray No.6 12ml, T-7 Toner Gray No.7 12ml, T-8 Toner Gray No.7 12ml, T-9 Toner Gray No.9 12ml, W-0 Warm Gray No.0 12ml, W-00 Warm Gray No.00 12ml, W-1 Warm Grey No.1 12ml, W-10 Warm Gray No.10 12ml, W-2 Warm Gray No.2 12ml, W-3 Warm Grey No.3 12ml, W-4 Warm Gray No.4 12ml, W-5 Warm Grey No.5 12ml, W-6 Warm Gray No.6 12ml, W-7 Warm Gray No.7 12ml, W-8 Warm Gray No.8 12ml, W-9 Warm Grey No.9 12ml, 0 Colourless Blender 12ml, 100 Black 12ml, 110 Special Black 12ml, B00 Frost Blue 12ml, B000 Pale Porcelain Blue 12ml, B0000 Pale Celestine 12ml, B01 Mint Blue 12ml, B02 Robins Egg Blue 12ml, B04 Tahitian Blue 12ml, B05 Process Blue 12ml, B06 Peacock Blue 12ml, B12 Ice Blue 12ml, B14 Light Blue 12ml, B16 Cyanine Blue 12ml, B18 Lapis Lazuli 12ml, B21 Baby Blue 12ml, B23 Phthalo Blue 12ml, B24 Sky 12ml, B26 Cobalt Blue 12ml, B28 Royal Blue 12ml, B29 Ultramarine 12ml, B32 Pale Blue 12ml, B34 Manganese Blue 12ml, B37 Antwerp Blue 12ml, B39 Prussian Blue 12ml, B41 Powder Blue 12ml, B45 Smoky Blue 12ml, B52 Soft Greenish Blue 12ml, B60 Pale Blue Gray 12ml, B63 Light Hydrangea 12ml, B66 Clematis 12ml, B69 Stratospheric Blue 12ml, B79 Iris 12ml, B91 Pale Grayish Blue 12ml, B93 Light Crockery Blue 12ml, B95 Light Grayish Cobalt 12ml, B97 Night Blue 12ml, B99 Agate 12ml, BG000 Pale Aqua 12ml, BG0000 Snow Green 12ml, BG01 Aqua Blue 12ml, BG02 New Blue 12ml, BG05 Holiday Blue 12ml, BG07 Petroleum Blue 12ml, BG09 Blue Green 12ml, BG10 Cool Shadow 12ml, BG11 Moon White 12ml, BG13 Mint Green 12ml, BG15 Aqua 12ml, BG18 Teal Blue 12ml, BG23 Coral Sea 12ml, BG32 Aqua Mint 12ml, BG34 Horizon Green 12ml, BG45 Nile Blue 12ml, BG49 Duck Blue 12ml, BG53 Ice Mint 12ml, BG70 Ocean Mist 12ml, BG72 Ice Ocean 12ml, BG75 Abyss Green 12ml, BG78 Bronze 12ml, BG93 Green Gray 12ml, BG96 Bush 12ml, BG99 Flagstone Blue 12ml, BV00 Mauve Shadow 12ml, BV000 Iridescent Mauve 12ml, BV0000 Pale Thistle 12ml, BV01 Viola 12ml, BV02 Prune 12ml, BV04 Blue Berry 12ml, BV08 Blue Violet 12ml, BV11 Soft Violet 12ml, BV13 Hydrangea Blue 12ml, BV17 Deep Reddish Blue 12ml, BV20 Dull Lavender 12ml, BV23 Grayish Lavender 12ml, BV25 Grayish Violet 12ml, BV29 Slate 12ml, BV31 Pale Lavender 12ml, E00 Cotton Pearl 12ml, E000 Pale Fruit Pink 12ml, E0000 Floral White 12ml, E01 Pink Flamingo 12ml, E02 Fruit Pink 12ml, E04 Lipstick Natural 12ml, E07 Light Mahogany 12ml, E08 Brown 12ml, E09 Burnt Sienna 12ml, E11 Barley Beige 12ml, E13 Light Suntan 12ml, E15 Dark Suntan 12ml, E17 Reddish Brass 12ml, E18 Copper 12ml, E19 Redwood 12ml, E21 Soft Sun 12ml, E23 Hazelnut 12ml, E25 Caribe Cocoa 12ml, E27 Milk Chocolate 12ml, E29 Burnt Umber 12ml, E30 Bisque 12ml, E31 Brick Beige 12ml, E33 Sand 12ml, E34 Toast 12ml, E35 Chamois 12ml, E37 Sepia 12ml, E39 Leather 12ml, E40 Brick White 12ml, E41 Pearl White 12ml, E42 Sand White 12ml, E43 Dull Ivory 12ml, E44 Clay 12ml, E47 Dark Brown 12ml, E49 Dark Bark 12ml, E50 Egg Shell 12ml, E51 Milky White 12ml, E53 Raw Silk 12ml, E55 Light Camel 12ml, E57 Light Walnut 12ml, E59 Walnut 12ml, E70 Ash Rose 12ml, E71 Champagne 12ml, E74 Cocoa Brown 12ml, E77 Maroon 12ml, E79 Cashew 12ml, E81 Ivory 12ml, E87 Fig 12ml, E93 Tea Rose 12ml, E95 Flesh Pink 12ml, E97 Deep Orange 12ml, E99 Baked Clay 12ml, FB2 Fluorescent Dull Blu 12ml, FBG2 Fluorescent Dull Blue Green 12ml, FRV1 Fluorescent Pink 12ml, FV2 Fluorescent Dull Violet 12ml, FY1 Fluorescent Yellow Orange 12ml, FYG1 Fluorescent Yellow 12ml, FYG2 Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green 12ml, FYR1 Fluorescent Orange 12ml, G00 Jade Green 12ml, G000 Pale Green 12ml, G0000 Crystal Opal 12ml, G02 Spectrum Green 12ml, G03 Meadow Green 12ml, G05 Emerald Green 12ml, G07 Nile Green 12ml, G09 Veronese Green 12ml, G12 Sea Green 12ml, G14 Apple Green 12ml, G16 Malachite 12ml, G17 Forest Green 12ml, G19 Bright Parrot Green 12ml, G20 Wax White 12ml, G21 Lime Green 12ml, G24 Willow 12ml, G28 Ocean Green 12ml, G29 Pine Tree Green 12ml, G40 Dim Green 12ml, G82 Spring Dim Green 12ml, G85 Verdigris 12ml, G94 Grayish Olive 12ml, G99 Olive 12ml, R00 Pinkish White 12ml, R000 Cherry White 12ml, R0000 Pink Beryl 12ml, R01 Pinkish Vanilla 12ml, R02 Flesh 12ml, R05 Salmon Red 12ml, R08 Vermilion 12ml, R11 Pale Cherry Pink 12ml, R12 Light Tea Rose 12ml, R14 Light Rouge 12ml, R17 Lipstick Orange 12ml, R20 Blush 12ml, R21 Sardonyx 12ml, R22 Light Prawn 12ml, R24 Prawn 12ml, R27 Cadmium Red 12ml, R29 Lipstick Red 12ml, R30 Pale Yellowish Pink 12ml, R32 Peach 12ml, R35 Coral 12ml, R37 Carmine 12ml, R39 Garnet 12ml, R43 Bougainvillaea 12ml, R46 Strong Red 12ml, R59 Cardinal 12ml, R81 Rose Pink 12ml, R83 Rose Mist 12ml, R85 Rose Red 12ml, R89 Dark Red 12ml, RV00 Water Lily 12ml, RV000 Pale Purple 12ml, RV0000 Evening Primrose 12ml, RV02 Sugared Almond Pink 12ml, RV04 Shock Pink 12ml, RV06 Cerise 12ml, RV09 Fuchsia 12ml, RV10 Pale Pink 12ml, RV11 Pink 12ml, RV13 Tender Pink 12ml, RV14 Begonia Pink 12ml, RV17 Deep Magenta 12ml, RV19 Red Violet 12ml, RV21 Light Pink 12ml, RV23 Pure Pink 12ml, RV29 Crimson 12ml, RV32 Shadow Pink 12ml, RV34 Dark Pink 12ml, RV42 Salmon Pink 12ml, RV55 Hollyhock 12ml, RV63 Begonia 12ml, RV66 Raspberry 12ml, RV69 Peony 12ml, RV91 Grayish Cherry 12ml, RV93 Smoky Purple 12ml, RV95 Baby Blossoms 12ml, RV99 Argyle Purple 12ml, V000 Pale Heath 12ml, V0000 Rose Quartz 12ml, V01 Heath 12ml, V04 Lilac 12ml, V05 Azalea 12ml, V06 Lavender 12ml, V09 Violet 12ml, V12 Pale Lilac 12ml, V15 Mallow 12ml, V17 Amethyst 12ml, V20 Wisteria 12ml, V25 Pale Blackberry 12ml, V91 Pale Grape 12ml, V93 Early Grape 12ml, V95 Light Grape 12ml, V99 Aubergine 12ml, Y00 Barium Yellow 12ml, Y000 Pale Lemon 12ml, Y0000 Yellow Flourite 12ml, Y02 Canary Yellow 12ml, Y04 Acacia 12ml, Y06 Yellow 12ml, Y08 Acid Yellow 12ml, Y11 Pale Yellow 12ml, Y13 Lemon Yellow 12ml, Y15 Cadmium Yellow 12ml, Y17 Golden Yellow 12ml, Y18 Lightning Yellow 12ml, Y19 Napoli Yellow 12ml, Y21 Buttercup Yellow 12ml, Y23 Yellowish Beige 12ml, Y26 Mustard 12ml, Y28 Lionet Gold 12ml, Y32 Cashmere 12ml, Y35 Maize 12ml, Y38 Honey 12ml, YG00 Mimosa Yellow 12ml, YG0000 Lily White 12ml, YG01 Green Bice 12ml, YG03 Yellow Green 12ml, YG05 Salad 12ml, YG06 Yellowish Green 12ml, YG07 Acid Green 12ml, YG09 Lettuce Green 12ml, YG11 Mignonette 12ml, YG13 Chartreuse 12ml, YG17 Grass Green 12ml, YG21 Anise 12ml, YG23 New Leaf 12ml, YG25 Celadon Green 12ml, YG41 Pale Cobalt Green 12ml, YG45 Cobalt Green 12ml, YG61 Pale Moss 12ml, YG63 Pea Green 12ml, YG67 Moss 12ml, YG91 Putty 12ml, YG93 Grayish Yellow 12ml, YG95 Pale Olive 12ml, YG97 Spanish Olive 12ml, YG99 Marine Green 12ml, YR00 Powder Pink 12ml, YR000 Silk 12ml, YR0000 Pale Chiffon 12ml, YR01 Peach Puff 12ml, YR02 Light Orange 12ml, YR04 Chrome Orange 12ml, YR07 Cadmium Orange 12ml, YR09 Chinese Orange 12ml, YR12 Loquat 12ml, YR14 Caramel 12ml, YR15 Pumpkin Yellow 12ml, YR16 Apricot 12ml, YR18 Sanguine 12ml, YR20 Yellowish Shade 12ml, YR21 Cream 12ml, YR23 Yellow Ochre 12ml, YR24 Pale Sepia 12ml, YR30 Macadamia Nut 12ml, YR31 Light Reddish Yellow 12ml, YR61 Yellowish Skin Pink 12ml, YR65 Atoll 12ml, YR68 Orange 12ml, YR82 Mellow Peach 12ml, E84 Khaki 12ml