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How to order

Order your art kits on this page.
1 – Fill in your contact details.
2 – Select item(s) from a kit or kits by ticking the checkbox.
3 – Submit and pay for your order via paypal, if you don’t have a paypal account you can still pay with a credit card. Details of your order will be emailed out to you.

School requirements

A2 Corflute folios ordered will be delivered directly to the Art Department at the school

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We provide Art Kits with items selected by art staff from your school. You may select all or some of the items.

Returns, Refund or Exchange Policy

Complete refund if posted back to Head Office with a copy of your receipt within 7 working days.

No exchanges, we simply refund your money if you send the kit back within 7 working days.


Warranty on all items for 6 months for faulty items but not for mistreatment or stolen goods.


7 Working days if you select post otherwise the school delivery date is on the form.
Postage is $10.00.


Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars.
Prices inclusive of GST.


Cavalier Art Supplies
Head Office 2 Seabright St
North Shore 3214
No order pick up from this address

For enquiries contact Rob
03 5240 5504
0417 372 009

Opening hours
9.00am 5.00pm
Monday to Friday

Please do not contact our art shop, they do not do school kits.